We've all heard of people heading south in the middle of winter to escape the frigid temperatures and grey skies. Many apparently head for Florida, Arizona, Hawaii or the Sunbelt for their winter vacation. Some folks spend all winter away. People that make these journeys to warm climates are called Snowbirds.

But what about people trying to escape the sweltering heat and humidity of summer?

As a travel enthusiast, I find myself interested in the weather. I want to know what the weather is going to be where I am traveling so I can plan accordingly. To this end, as I plan for another trip, I've been watching The Weather Channel with more frequency. Evidently this has been a brutal summer for most folks across the continental US. I was surprised to see how many cities from Phoenix to Dallas to Atlanta were reporting record warmth for July and August this year. Further, many cities have seen a record number of days with above normal temperatures. It seems that only California and the balance of the West Coast have escaped this trend. With extended periods of high 90 and 100+ degree temperatures across the country, it seems likely that people living in the southern part of the US should be migrating north for the summer. We should coin a term for these travelers to cooler climates.

In any event, while most of us would not plan a Chicago, Minneapolis or Boston trip in January, it goes without saying that Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston and Phoenix are not great destinations in July or August.